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oneIDentity+ – convincing advantages in product and trademark protection

oneIDentity+ is the manufacturer-independent service platform for the international spare parts market and the technical industries. Based on globally widespread standards (GS1), oneIDentity+ increases the product and trademark protection for manufacturers with its services. Furthermore oneIDentity+ provides standardized interfaces as well as the possibility to integrate third-party services, enabling companies to initiate a service platform as a safe investment.

Advantages with oneIDentity+ in product and trademark protection for the manufacturer:

  • Global, cross-sector solution for serialized products, components & parts based on globally valid standards regardless of the medium.
  • Complete solution portfolio for product protection and beyond (e.g. serialization concept, labels with physical security features).
  • Diverse manufacturer-specific value-added services like product details, track & trace, e-commerce etc. can be integrated into the default oneIDentity+
  • Easy integration of oneIDentity+ functionality into the manufacturer website via SDK
  • Creation of branded, manufacturer-specific apps possible

Advantages with oneIDentity+ in product and trademark protection for the user:

  • Central point of entry, to obtain information about products, components & parts of different manufacturers
  • Free authenticity check via the oneIDentity+ mobile app, the oneIDentity+ website, and manufacturer websites
  • Globally accessible to everyone, 24 hours a day – accurate response within seconds
  • Products of various manufacturers can be checked with the same system
  • No knowledge about manufacturer-specific security features (holograms etc.) required
  • Direct contact with manufacturer in case of doubt
  • Manufacturer-specific value-added services like display of product info, installation instructions, recalls, etc.

The benefits for part manufacturers and companies

Global, multi-sector and standards-based solution

Diverse, advanced manufacturer-specific value-added services such as product information, track & trace, e-commerce and marketing can be offered individually

Via the interface (SDK), the oneIDentity+ authenticity check can be integrated into the website of the manufacturer or in manufacturer-specific apps

A strong network for a complete solution portfolio for product protection and serialization of products (serialization concept, label printing with additional safety features, code generation etc.)

Design and development of branded apps specific to each company

Benefits for oneIDentity+ users (such as service employees, workshops, customs officers or internet buyers)

Central entry point to obtain product information from different manufacturers

Free authenticity checks via oneIDentity+ App, oneIDentity+ website or manufacturer apps, as well as via their websites

Accessible to all, worldwide and round the clock – the response comes in seconds

No knowledge of manufacturer-specific security features required

Huge potential for additional value-added services such as displaying product information, installation instructions and recall information

Codes of products from different manufacturers can be queried with the same system

Direct contact with manufacturer in the event of doubt

Increase product protection

Code check by an unregistered user

The user „Anonymous“ is every user without a specific login name and consequently without further permissions for the scanned product. In this showcase anonymous users only obtain the information, that the code is known as well as basic information like flyers or contact data.

Code checking by a workshop or service employee

The service technician represents a know user with unique access rights for the scanned product. When scanning the power bank, the technician, for example, receives technical specifications or an option to directly reorder the product.

oneIDentity+ mobile App and online Authenticity Check

iOS App

Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Then just download this version onto your device.

Android App

For Android tablets and mobile phones oneIDentity+ offers this version of the app.

Windows Phone App

Don’t worry if you use a Windows Phone: a new app version will be available soon.

Online Authenticity Check

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