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With oneIDentity+, you as a manufacturer, supplier or dealer can do more than simply ensure the authenticity of products. oneIDentity+ is a cross-sectoral service platform supporting role-specific, digital and mobile processes, by serialised and therefore clearly marked products.

This marking is carried out by a standard two-dimensional bar code: the so-called MAPP code. MAPP stands for “Manufacturers Against Product Piracy” and is a cross-company initiative, whereby leading component manufacturers have organised themselves so as to work together in the fight against product piracy.

Based on the product authentication – and depending on the role of the user – additional product details and vehicle repair and maintenance information can be displayed and/or linked to mobile marketing activities. The possibilities available for the integration of various manufacturer-specific value-added services are endless.

This allows users – using just one system – to retrieve customised information from various manufacturers at anytime and anywhere, via a mobile device. Standardised, flexible and efficient.

Querying MAPP codes

with oneIDentity+

Authenticity check by entering the MAPP code manually

Did you know?

Sales hotspots and countries of origin of counterfeit products

oneIDentity+ service

a service platform for everyone and everything – for the whole company, role-specific, standard-based


Product authentication is just the beginning. Learn more about the way oneIDentity+‘s service and its applications work in your company.

Take advantage of the benefits

oneIDentity+ offers many advantages, both for part manufacturers and for oneIDentity+ users.

  • Complete solution portfolio
  • Central entry point
  • Global, cross-sectoral, standards-based solution

One platform – many possibilities

With tailor-made service packages, oneIDentity+ offers different, requirements-oriented functions to different manufacturers. We also support our customers in the implementation of individual complete solutions.


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