MAPP initiative relies on oneIDentity+

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MAPP initiative relies on oneIDentity+

The industry initiative “Manufacturers against Product Piracy” (MAPP) was founded by members of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) in order to combat product piracy and to exchange knowledge about product and brand protection. Within the framework of this initiative, some of the members have launched the site to raise awareness of the issue among market participants and to inform them of how genuine parts can be clearly identified. 

As a measure to enable more rapid distinction of real products from counterfeit ones in the future, several participants in the “Manufacturers against Product Piracy” (MAPP) initiative are marking their original products with a GS1-compliant data-matrix code (a standardised two-dimensional bar code). This is based on an encoding recommendation developed by CLEPA. This unique MAPP code can be easily checked using oneIDentity+ (formerly TecIdentify), the first IT-based standard solution for the automotive spare parts market. In a matter of seconds the user knows whether he or she is holding a genuine spare part.

The exclusive use of genuine parts increases road safety. Counterfeit spare parts cause significant damage to the automotive sector of the economy every year. The European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) estimates that counterfeit car parts cost suppliers between five and ten billion euros every year.

It is not just about the money (an estimated 5-10 billion euros in lost revenue to manufacturers). Counterfeit products not only cause lost revenue to automotive suppliers. Unsafe products also pose a considerable safety risk to car drivers.

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