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oneIDentity+: Product protection and traceability through serialization

The transparency within the value chain and traceability of products are a top priority on the strategical agenda of many companies. Serialization enables comprehensive mobile and digital analysis tools and extensive services. The service platform oneIDentity+ offers comprehensive and flexible solutions to tackle future challenges in a sustainable manner.

A basic functionality of the oneIDentity+ service platform is product protection. As part of the initiative “Manufacturers against Product Piracy” (MAPP), leading manufacturers have been combating the increasing number of counterfeiters for several years. To distinguish genuine products from counterfeit products, original products are individually marked and can thus be verified and tracked with the help of oneIDentity+. This way, the serialization can ensure counterfeit protection, achieve process safety in warranty cases, returns or product maintenance and guarantee traceability.

The products are marked with the standardized, easy-to-apply two-dimensional barcode, either directly on the product or on the packaging. This code can be checked with oneIDentity+ – worldwide, 24 hours a day. An applicable product protection, an increased transparency of the value chain as well as a multitude of services regarding the product can be initiated and used in the interest of the customer.

Querying MAPP codes
with oneIDentity+

Products are marked with the MAPP code to protect them against product piracy. Apart from the application for the computer, tablet, or smartphone, authenticity checks can also be performed by manually entering the code on this website.

Against product piracy with authenticity checks

With oneIDentity+, you as a manufacturer, supplier or dealer can do more than simply ensure the authenticity of your products. oneIDentity+ is a cross-sectoral service platform supporting role-specific, digital and mobile processes, with serialised and therefore clearly marked products.

Based on the product authentication ensuring the counterfeit protection of products, additional product details as well as vehicle repair and maintenance information can be displayed on a mobile device and/or linked to marketing activities. The possibilities available for the integration of various manufacturer-specific value-added services are endless.

This allows users – using just one system – to retrieve customised information from various manufacturers at anytime and anywhere, via a mobile device. Standardised, flexible and efficient…

International locations of product piracy

Sales hotspots and countries of origin of counterfeit products

The functionality of oneIDentity+

A service in the fight against product piracy – company-wide, role-specific, standard-based

oneIDentity+ - Product protection and counterfeit protection through unique MAPP code

Counterfeit protection with a unique MAPP code

In the fight against product piracy the authenticity checks are only the beginning for oneIDentity+. Learn more about the functionality of oneIDentity+ and the possible applications within your company.

oneIDentity+ - Product protection and counterfeit protection through comprehensive solutions

Counterfeit protection with the help of comprehensive solutions

When it comes to counterfeit protection, oneIDentity+ offers diverse advantages for part manufacturers as well as the oneIDentity+ user.

We offer you a complete solution portfolio as well as a central point of entry for a global, cross-industry and standards-based solution.

oneIDentity+ - Product protection and counterfeit protection through intelligent service packages

Counterfeit protection with intelligent service packages

With the help of custom service packages oneIDentity+ offers different, requirement-oriented functions to manufacturers to counteract the damages of product piracy. Furthermore, we support our customers with the implementation of individual complete solutions.

Together against product piracy

> 20

major clients

> 100


> 2 bil.

codes on the database

We protect your business

With oneIDentity+ and MAPP codes, you can quickly and securely identify genuine automotive spare parts.

News about the fight against product piracy

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